Using technology to provide a peer-to-peer support system for recently injured athletes.
Work Done

Branding, Full-Stack Engineering, Marketing, Product Design


August 2019

Team Size

1 – Luke Barwikowski


2 weeks

A 1 person Sprint

WhatNow is peer-to-peer support platform designed to help recently injured athletes handle their recovery with grace. An athletic injury obviously comes attached with physical trauma, however the mental strain of an injury is rarely talked about. After an injury athletes often feel socially-isolated, mentally drained, helpless, and hopeless. It is a very dark time for a lot of people.

WhatNow provides a space where recently injured athletes can talk to someone who has been injured before, and has navigated through the the situation previously. Instead of bottling up their emotions, they can talk to someone who ‘gets’ what they are going through. Often all the athlete needs is someone to lean on, and our aim to is facilitate those conversations and open up more dialogue on mental health.

This was a one man project with a very complicated techincal backend. The techincal scope of the project was rather large, but was still able to be completed in a 2 week sprint. It’s a really good example of the quality of work you can expect from a team of one during a sprint.

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